[occi-wg] Link relations (was Re: confusion about status of link / headers)

Sam Johnston samj at samj.net
Wed Oct 21 00:53:14 CDT 2009


Thanks for the feedback. We certainly need to document all the actions we
specify and will use a registry for that such that future functionality
(I'll again use the example of being able to "teleport" a resource from one
location to another) can be catered for.

Regarding the "class" extension attribute on the link relations - its
purpose is to group relations into different classes - e.g. actions vs
pagination vs interfaces, etc. I used "class" because it's already specified
elsewhere and its meaning is well understood - "type" on the other hand
should be a content-type in which case type="action" would be illegal

I'll suggest "class" to Mark for possible inclusion in the Web Linking draft
but regardless we can define our own extensions as we see fit (which is
useful for things like local interface identifiers - e.g. "eth0" or "sda").


On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 5:59 AM, Michael Behrens
<michael.behrens at r2ad.com>wrote:

>  Sam,
> I presume that interested clients would parse for the value of the "rel"
> parameter in order to know the purpose of the link.   If so, then I think
> that all the life-cycle values should also be listed in table 2 - Link
> Relations.  I inserted the type="action" in the example below - I did not
> see "class" as a link-parameter in the draft-nottingham draft on
> web-linking.  Also, I presume the title parameter would be optional.
> < Link: </us-east/webapp/vm01;start>;<       rel="http://purl.org/occi/action/start";
>         type="action"<       title="Start"
> Good discussion on this thread!....looking forward to the telecons and the
> future F2F (good idea Andre!).
> PS: We are going to be implementing a small portion of the spec soon -
> initially will be coding up the GET verb.   We'll share our experiences as
> soon as we can.  I'll be coding up the client - so it should be able to hit
> our implementation and others too.
> --
> Michael Behrens
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