[occi-wg] confusion about status of link / headers

Andre Merzky andre at merzky.net
Tue Oct 20 19:57:07 CDT 2009

Quoting [Gary Mazz] (Oct 20 2009):
> Hi Andre,
> I read Adrian's email in regards to the a tested history of stuffing 
> attributes into http headers. I'm not debating that issue. It does work, 
> or else http wouldn't.
> What is not proven and my issue is this is an unproven technology for 
> management applications. We have 2 new items here, a new and unproven 
> management protocol and now a new and unproven networking protocol. 
> Selling one is hard enough when questions like is it proven in a 5-9s 
> environment on a global scale. Adopting both is far too risky for 
> serious enterprise adoption. Believing it can happen, is just 
> unfamiliarity with the market.

Thanks - I think these two paragraphs explain more than your
original mail, at least for me.

What would you consider a valid proof?  

What are your thoughts on how the proposed protocol would fail?  I
am not sure you can answer the second one, really, as you basically
state that your are not sure enough it does *not* fail - but maybe
you could try to formulate the problem from the other end?

Thanks, Andre.

Nothing is ever easy.

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