[occi-wg] Short statement about consensus reaching etc.

Thijs Metsch Thijs.Metsch at Sun.COM
Mon Oct 19 18:19:17 CDT 2009

Hi @all,

Just arrived here in Chicago (Presenting OCCI @ CCA09) and feel happy to
see some discussion going on the mailing-list.

OGF27 last week was great! Got a lot of great feedback and some
ideas/requests for extension: snapshots, mettering/billing and advance
reservation. So thanks to all of you for making this happen! Presenting
of OCCI behalve was great!

Next a quick note on the HTTP header stuff:

This is right now a rendering we have (because it is the most complete
described one). Do not forget that we have basically two more renderings
which are implemented by our references implementors (both XML) but
which are not described in the Spec right now (UCM, INFN). As presented
at OGF27 we will need to discuss this rendering part in more detail for
upcoming OGF28. Therefore thanks to you all who are part of this thread.

To reach consensus a short notice from me as a chair:

- Normally OGF strives to do it the IETF way - so that is the way to go.
Together with some issue tracker issue we'll get there - I promise!

- I talked to some guys at OGF if they where willing to host a F2F and I
will bring this topic up very soon. For now: let me, the other chairs
and the organizers figure out if we can make this happen! I think a F2f
might also help reaching a consensus. For sure all of you are invited to
come to this F2F.

All the best,


On Mon, 2009-10-19 at 15:45 +0100, Alexis Richardson wrote:
> Sam & group,
> I just saw this tweet: http://twitter.com/samj/statuses/4991958514
> You say that "HTTP has an out-of-band metadata channel in the form of
> headers. #occi's using Link: as a flexible, lightweight RDF
> alternative".
> I'm a bit confused here.... I thought this was still under discussion.
>  What am I missing?
> alexis
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