[occi-wg] confusion about status of link / headers

Tim Bray Tim.Bray at Sun.COM
Mon Oct 19 11:37:31 CDT 2009

On 2009-10-19, at 9:21 AM, Alexis Richardson wrote:

> Gary
> Thanks.  That strikes me as a fairly complex process.
> Does anyone have any alternative suggestions?  We need a simple model
> for reaching consensus here, that grows the community and adoption.

In practice, I've had experience with three processes; ISO, W3C/Oasis,  
and IETF process.  ISO is institutional voting, with complex threshold  
rules.  W3C and Oasis individual members vote.  Of course, this means  
you have to define who's a member and thus gets a vote.  In the W3C,  
you argue for a while and then the chair (co-chairs usually) assert  
what the consensus is.  Informally consensus is considered to be the  
absence of sustained intense reasonable resistance.  If you disagree  
you appeal to the Area Director, the IESG, the IAB and eventually the  
Internet Society (I may have that appeal chain out of order).  I  
prefer the IETF model but all have been observed to work.  -Tim

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