[occi-wg] Foreign markup and extensibility

Sam Johnston samj at samj.net
Fri Oct 9 04:01:16 CDT 2009

Morning all,

Rather than try to define everything that could possibly occur (ala CIM) we
decided a while back to use "open" registries which allow the specification
to evolve over time. Anyone will be able to propose additions via a process
TBD (e.g. rough consensus on a public list, dedicated expert, first in first
served, etc.) and will either get them (or not) within 7-30 days.

Additionally we will require implementations to forward and ignore markup
they don't understand - as opposed to stripping it or throwing errors. This
works well for Atom which uses this

6.3.  Processing Foreign Markup
   Atom Processors that encounter foreign markup in a location that is
   legal according to this specification MUST NOT stop processing or
   signal an error.  It might be the case that the Atom Processor is
   able to process the foreign markup correctly and does so.  Otherwise,
   such markup is termed "unknown foreign markup".

   When unknown foreign markup is encountered as a child of atom:entry,
   atom:feed, or a Person construct, Atom Processors MAY bypass the
   markup and any textual content and MUST NOT change their behavior as
   a result of the markup's presence.

   When unknown foreign markup is encountered in a Text Construct or
   atom:content element, software SHOULD ignore the markup and process
   any text content of foreign elements as though the surrounding markup
   were not present.

We need something similar to go into the spec.

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