[occi-wg] What happened to occi-infrastructure ?

Sam Johnston samj at samj.net
Wed Oct 7 12:44:44 CDT 2009


I'm pretty sure I didn't make these changes (well at least not all of them)
but I'll comment anyway:

1) Networking: Critical network attributes, gateway and netmask, have
> been removed.

No, they've been merged into CIDR notation because we're confined to
attribute-value pairs and it's better/faster/cheaper to do it this way:


than this way:


2) Networking: I don't remember any discussion or consensus on removing
> these attributes.

Not sure which attributes you're talking about... perhaps those above.

> 3) Storage: Storage/disk speed was added to the attributes. We had
> discussed and gained consensus early on NOT to include quality of
> service metrics like storage performance

While QoS metrics (e.g. bandwidth, latency) aren't currently used for
storage, they are for networking - 1 Mbit/s vs 10 Gbit/s makes a *huge*
difference to applications and is extremely relevant to most applications.
Same could be said for disk and memory bandwitdh - if we can (trivially)
specify this information - even if it is ignored by those who don't support
it - then why wouldn't we except to protect underperforming vendors?

> 4) Storage: References to wikipedia has been added as informative
> reference. Wikipedia is not qualified reference, especially for storage
> of storage quality of service. This should be stricken front the document.

Wikipedia is a fine *informative* reference which makes the document more
approachable, readable and ultimately, implementable. *Normative* references
on the other hand need to be strapped down. While it is possible to refer to
a specific version of a Wikipedia article, by doing so one loses most of the
value of linking to it in the first place (that is the very dynamic nature
you have a problem with).

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