[occi-wg] Call Followup

Mark A. Carlson Mark.Carlson at Sun.COM
Wed Apr 29 10:55:39 CDT 2009

Randy Bias wrote:
> Just want to clarify re: storage that we don't need it in the initial 
> draft, but are keen to have a standard around some aspects of it.  If 
> I recall correctly we drew the line on storage saying that the core 
> API functionality would allow managing it at the infrastructure (disk, 
> mount, etc.) level, but not necessarily at the file/object level. 
>  We'll also need the latter, which is what I believe the SNIA folks 
> are working on.  I can't recall the particular working group.  Mark 
> Carlson, do you know which one it is?
The SNIA Cloud Storage TWG is the central organizing point for all the APIs.
There are other TWGs with related work such as SMI-S, Long Term Archive,
XAM and Hypervisor Storage APIs.

There is a Google group that is available to non-members as well:

> Anyway, in order of priority my desired list of deliverables looks 
> something like this:
>     1) Clean core API + extensibility delivered ASAP (preferably by 
> end of June)
>     2) Storage mgmt extensions for block devices and mount points (end 
> of July)
>     3) File/object based extensions to allowing send/receive and 
> arbitrary URLs for retrieval of any given file/object (end of August)
> Just putting my desired scenario and objectives here.  I realize we 
> might not be able to achieve all of these in this time frame.  I also 
> realize that SNIA probably is the best owner for 3.  I'm eager for 
> them to join us on the next call.
It'll be the May 13th call.

-- mark
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