[occi-wg] vCloud architecture diagrams

Tim Bray Tim.Bray at Sun.COM
Sun Apr 26 01:15:44 CDT 2009

On Apr 25, 2009, at 10:42 AM, Edmonds, AndrewX wrote:

> I think one of the big things within presentation is the usage of  
> OVF and its status as a “1st class citizen” in their API

I've been looking at OVF.  There's a lot to like there, but the  
thought of using it for *interop* is awfully scary.  The notion of  
exposing various aspects of machine state or maybe even machine-group  
state in OVF seems plausible, but in the general case, importing OVF  
that someone else has produced and attempting to reproduce what it's  
describing, in an automated way, seems beyond the current state of the  

I'd be unsurprised and pleased to be told "Everybody knows that,  
silly".  I'd be surprised and delighted if someone put up their hand  
and said "Oh yes, we can do that for arbitrary OVF".  Or possibly I'm  
just missing something obvious.


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