[occi-wg] vCloud architecture diagrams

Alexis Richardson alexis.richardson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 02:49:13 CDT 2009


Thanks for that.

Some of us have seen vCloud APIs under NDA.  There is definitely
overlap with OCCI.  VMware are aware of OCCI and I personally hope we
see them contribute at some stage.


On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 11:06 PM, Wes Felter <wesley at felter.org> wrote:
> VMware has revealed few technical details about vCloud, but I found this
> public presentation containing some interesting diagrams starting on
> pages 50 and 76. Overall, the concepts appear similar to the work going
> on in OCCI.
> http://forum.stanford.edu/events/2009Plenary/Orran%20Kriegar.pdf
> The bullets "Researchers can replace any part of the service." and
> "Researchers can replace the entire implementation
> and clone the API" also caught my eye.
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