[occi-wg] load balancer: conference call lurk

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Might what is captured in the APIDesign [1] page capture this? Specifically:

" Central entity
The central entity is a "resource" which can represent a server, network device, storage device, etc. These resources should be bound by SLA so that the concern of whether or not they are physical or virtual is allayed by the SLAs guarantees."


[1] http://forge.ogf.org/sf/wiki/do/viewPage/projects.occi-wg/wiki/APIDesign

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I got on the call this morning at 10:15 via mobile (lost track of time),
and as I was on very noisy public transit, kept on mute.

I listened to the problem of load balancers vs discrete objects
(storage, CPU, networking).

It seems to me that we may be missing a higher level object, which is
the result of putting storage+CPU+network together.   An assembly... we
might call it a "machine" :-)

To me, this suggests a solution to the load balancer vs network IP
problem, and this comes in part from VHDL/Verilog space: the concept of
hard and soft macros.

Let's assume that we put together a machine
      machine = (storage w/OS-instance, CPU, network + some kind of

let's say that we can call this thing a soft-macro.  That is, a macro
that you can see into from the API.  You can duplicate these things at
will and the auto-configuration pulls some info to autoconfigure things.
(This is precisely what I do at SIMtone Hosted Services/CDU for virtual

Now, let's call a specific instance of such a macro, "load-balancer".
If I'm at cloud-provider A (a simple IaaS), I need to supply the
"load-balancer" soft-macro for use, providing it with auto-configuration
(To invoke meta-provisioning, my provisioning system uses a load
balancer and static content built from Apache)

If I'm at cloud-provider B (one like ElasticHosts, which provides
load-balancer as a block), then I simply need to invoke the
"load-balancer" hard-macro, providing it with similar auto-configuration

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