[occi-wg] load balancer: conference call lurk

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Wed Apr 22 14:22:51 CDT 2009

I got on the call this morning at 10:15 via mobile (lost track of time),
and as I was on very noisy public transit, kept on mute. 

I listened to the problem of load balancers vs discrete objects
(storage, CPU, networking).  

It seems to me that we may be missing a higher level object, which is
the result of putting storage+CPU+network together.   An assembly... we
might call it a "machine" :-)

To me, this suggests a solution to the load balancer vs network IP
problem, and this comes in part from VHDL/Verilog space: the concept of
hard and soft macros.

Let's assume that we put together a machine
      machine = (storage w/OS-instance, CPU, network + some kind of

let's say that we can call this thing a soft-macro.  That is, a macro
that you can see into from the API.  You can duplicate these things at
will and the auto-configuration pulls some info to autoconfigure things.
(This is precisely what I do at SIMtone Hosted Services/CDU for virtual

Now, let's call a specific instance of such a macro, "load-balancer".
If I'm at cloud-provider A (a simple IaaS), I need to supply the
"load-balancer" soft-macro for use, providing it with auto-configuration
(To invoke meta-provisioning, my provisioning system uses a load
balancer and static content built from Apache)

If I'm at cloud-provider B (one like ElasticHosts, which provides
load-balancer as a block), then I simply need to invoke the
"load-balancer" hard-macro, providing it with similar auto-configuration

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