[occi-wg] OCCI MC - State Machine Diagram

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Mon Apr 20 08:09:10 CDT 2009

>>>>> "Andre" == Andre Merzky <andre at merzky.net> writes:
    Andre> For example, assume that I have a client which implements the
    Andre> core specification only, thus only knows the STOPPED, ACTIVE
    Andre> and SUSPENDED states (your original figure).  What is that
    Andre> client supposed to do if the backend reports an PAUSED state?

  How did it get to that state?

  Since the client didn't put it into that state, it means that an
operator or error must have forced this, so it's an error.  Life does
not always go as planned.
  If the client does not do PAUSED state, the system shouldn't get into
that state.  

  The client, upon seeing a state that it does not understand could
attempt to recover by requesting a transition to primary state that it
does understand.

    Andre> BTW, I agree with Krishna's point that ENTRY and EXIT points
    Andre> are useful.

  Where are they attached?

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