[occi-wg] Instance runtime API

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Wed Apr 22 15:33:35 CDT 2009

>>>>> "Sam" == Sam Johnston <samj at samj.net> writes:
    Sam> Randy,

    Sam> You may well be right, but this should be a concern for
    Sam> implementors rather than users - if I remember well there are
    Sam> virtualisation systems (UML?) that rely on PPP style links and
    Sam> therefore lack MAC addresses. The key point is that as a user I

  No, not UML.
  User-Mode-Linux certainly lets you create and user PPP links, but it
has three different kinds of ethernet attachments, all of which permit
the "hypervisor" to specify the mac address for each interface.

    Sam> I've done some work around having machines generate a public
    Sam> key pair during birth and then encrypting config info to them,
    Sam> but this is something that can be strapped on later in high
    Sam> security environments if it's deemed necessary - and in any
    Sam> case the machine being able to write its key pair into OCCI
    Sam> would be advantageous (and transparent with what is proposed).

  Yes, it would be very nice to be have support for being able to do

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