[occi-wg] Nouns and Verbs (was: Syntax of OCCI API)

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Regarding machine-readable SLAs, we should look at GRAAP -- as Andy  
already stated. They defined along with WS-Agreement data formats for  
the port type which hold an SLA on whatever you can think of.

The downside is that WS-Agreement is designed in a super-flexible way,  
and if we'd like to incorporate it somehow into OCCI, we'd probably  
have to do a rendering. The other thing is that WS-Agreement -- at  
least to the moment -- is bound do WSRF. This also could be addressed  
(ending up with a REST rendering of it), but -- to my best knowledge  
as a member of the group -- currently there are no plans in GRAAP to  
do something like that.


Am 17.04.2009 um 12:31 schrieb Edmonds, AndrewX:

> Nice J
> You have me convinced on dropping of explicit physical/virtual  
> attributes and bounding what is provisioned to a customer with an  
> SLA. I would certainly see that inclusion of “machine readable” SLAs  
> that can be processed by a client and monitored & verified via the  
> Performance Monitoring (PM) be hugely beneficial – not only from the  
> provider point of view (optimisation etc) but also from the customer  
> point of view (assurance, accountability etc). There would certainly  
> be on going work here in the OGF WS-Agreement WG that could possibly  
> provide some input on this.
> I’ve put the nouns and verbs into a very simple UML diagram  
> (attached – will place on wiki if people are comfortable with  
> expressing {noun{verb{attribute}}} OCCI vectors)
> HTH.
> Andy
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> To: Edmonds, AndrewX
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> Subject: Nouns and Verbs (was: Syntax of OCCI API)
> Ok so moving right along...
> I like the "resource" approach (thanks Andy) and it fits well with  
> the single entry point w/ search style (which in turn allows for  
> arbitrarily simple and complex environments ranging from 1 to many  
> millions of resources). These have a category/type (e.g. server,  
> network, storage) and content depending on that. You can of course  
> ask for just one type or another (e.g. query "servers" but not  
> networks or storage) and we can do a simple optimisation to bring  
> this into line with existing APIs:
> http://example.com/servers -> http://example.com/-/server
> http://example.com/networks -> http://example.com/-/network
> http://example.com/storage -> http://example.com/-/storage
> I specifically don't like the idea of differentiating between  
> physical and virtual resources (the whole point is that you can't,  
> or at least don't need to, know the difference), but that's ok  
> because I don't think it's necessary. If I'm dealing with a "server"  
> I don't care if it's delivered as a slice, a VM or a physical  
> machine so long as it meets my service level agreement.... this is  
> details for the implementor and one of the areas where we need to  
> allow them to innovate.
> Ok so nouns and verbs (ignoring CRUD which is common anyway):
> server:
>  - start
>  - stop
>  - restart
>  - deploy/undeploy? (comes back to persistent vs ephemeral etc.)
>  - clone/snapshot?
> network:
>  - start (aka up)
>  - stop (aka down)
> storage:
>  - start (aka online)
>  - stop (aka offline)
>  - snapshot?
>  - backup?
> others?
> Sam
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> Exactly my point in my last mail, Andre.
> If we can even begin to suggest on the nouns that'll be a big help.  
> In the wiki we have the central entity to be a "Resource" (in fact  
> we could name this as Noun to focus discussion - thoughts? Sam?.  
> That "Resource"/"Noun" can be abstractly sub-classed as virtual or  
> physical and beneath that concrete entities could be "Server", "VM"  
> and in the case of extension (re: Randy), "Loadbalancer".
> Andy
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> Once we get the noun/verb/attribute part settled, there is
> no harm in doing an ini and a key/val binding.  In fact, a
> translator would be trivial...
> You can argue endlessly about the better format: there are
> too many PROs and CONs for both of them to come to an
> conclusive answer, IMHO.
> My $0.02, Andre.
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