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Actually this is something I had provided for as I think it's some nice low
hanging fruit that provides *significant* value. While wary of scope creep
I'm also wary of people having to implement multiple APIs for basic
funcitonality that we could/should provide - basic storage/network
manipulation being an obvious example.

My proposed solution for this is that the cloud provider simply allow the
workload to transparently authenticate to OCCI via its IP/MAC address and/or
[virtual] interface. We could use a well known alias like "self" so as the
machine can just pull down http://example.com/self (without needing to know
its own UUID) and extract from that any
state/configuration/introspection/other information it needs.

Does that adequately meet this requirement?


On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 12:51 PM, Edmonds, AndrewX <
andrewx.edmonds at intel.com> wrote:

> Inline...
> <snip>
> Are we considering the API around the interactions taking place
> between a running instance and the cloud?
> [AE: ] we need to be wary here - when speaking of "cloud" contextualise it
> - in OCCI's case it's cloud infrastructure - bottom most layer.
>  I mean by that two types of
> interactions:
> 1- Hooks required at the end of the boot sequence to bootstrap the
> connection between a specific image instance and its cloud context.
> [AE: ] The OVF format allows for this in its specification
> 2- The interface with the cloud environment to retrieve instance
> information such as hostname (private and public), instance specific
> user-data, etc.
> [AE: ] This is outside the remit of OCCI. It's an internal concern of the
> provider's network ops and IP address management. Retrieval of user data
> might be seen as a concern within the platform layer.
> I realise that this is heavily influenced by my work using EC2.  The
> goal would be to improve images interoperability between clouds,
> setting aside for the moment the virtualisation technology used (which
> also bring other issues...).
> Comments?
> Cheers,
> Meb
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