[occi-wg] Instance runtime API

Marc-Elian Bégin meb at sixsq.com
Mon Apr 20 05:45:38 CDT 2009


Please tell me if I'm out-of-scope and/or out-of-sync, as I haven't  
read all the email threads and docs the group has produced.

Are we considering the API around the interactions taking place  
between a running instance and the cloud?  I mean by that two types of  
1- Hooks required at the end of the boot sequence to bootstrap the  
connection between a specific image instance and its cloud context.
2- The interface with the cloud environment to retrieve instance  
information such as hostname (private and public), instance specific  
user-data, etc.

I realise that this is heavily influenced by my work using EC2.  The  
goal would be to improve images interoperability between clouds,  
setting aside for the moment the virtualisation technology used (which  
also bring other issues...).




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