[occi-wg] OCCI MC - State Machine Diagram

Tino Vazquez tinova at fdi.ucm.es
Mon Apr 20 05:35:53 CDT 2009

Howdy everyone,

Excellent thread. My three cents:

1) I think we should define clearly the semantics of the states. for
instance, what is the difference between STOPPED and SUSPENDED? Is it
that with SUSPENDED the state is saved and not with STOPPED?

2) I really think we need an entry state like "PENDING" or "DEFINED".
It will help in implementation relying on a best-effort scheduler to
match VMs and hosts, like EC2 does. This will be the state where
machines will wait for a host to be available to run on. Also, I don't
really think that a machine entering its life cycle in SUSPENDED state
is a good idea.

3) +1 to the "CRASHED", "ERROR" or "FAILED" state.

What do you think?


On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 12:05 PM, Alexis Richardson
<alexis.richardson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Good thinking.
> I am interested in how EH and GG deal with exceptions.  Chris?
> On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 10:58 AM, Edmonds, AndrewX
> <andrewx.edmonds at intel.com> wrote:
>> Mornin!
>> After looking at the state model with a colleague (Victor), it was brought
>> up that there are no exception states captured. Might it be appropriate to
>> insert an error state such as “ERROR” or “CRASHED”? The assumption of the
>> state model currently is that no failures occur but we should design with
>> this in mind.
>> Now perhaps failure is mitigated by provider internal strategies in which
>> case exceptions are not revealed to a client but if a provider does not have
>> advanced recovery strategies there’s no way to signal exceptions to a client
>> (we should cater for lowest common denominator).
>> Andy
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>> Ah sorry, my fault - than it was only that the picture was not
>> updated...Was missing the entry-points :-)
>> Finally worked out how to remove/update attachments. Done.
>> Sam
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