[occi-wg] Resource Types: Compute / Network / Storage

Simon Wardley simon.wardley at canonical.com
Sun Apr 19 15:20:56 CDT 2009

> Unfortunately by doing so your taxonomy no longer functions as a
> taxonomy.

Of course it does, there is no specific set rules about how defined a
taxonomy must be just consensus around a set of terms.

In my opinion you're making things unnecessarily complex.

> FYI the process of generating the last stack involved classifying
> everything cloud-related 

I'm not sure what you're talking about here?

> The observation that an application can feed another

A taxonomy to identify discrete layers of the computing stack says
nothing about how those layers can interact with each other. You don't
need to make things this complex.

> Trying to represent that an application can also serve as part of a
> platform results in both junk and confusion.

This is only true if you're trying to create a description which
enforces how something is used.

An application can happily be built upon a platform which also consumes
feeds from multiple applications that themselves are built upon ....
this is fine. 

A taxonomy doesn't have to define order of use or operation. Keep it

> I'm hoping that by covering everything concisely as we have here the
> result won't be rejected as "too simplistic".

Simplicity is key. You've gone to far and created a rod for your own

> If however it makes sense to boil it down further for your particular
> application then go right ahead.

I now don't know what you're talking about.

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