[occi-wg] Resource Types: Compute / Network / Storage

Simon Wardley simon.wardley at canonical.com
Sun Apr 19 14:34:11 CDT 2009

So Sam,

I think we agree.

> :) KISS aaS goodbye perhaps.

If we could kiss goodbye to the language complexity which provides no
benefit, then that would be good.

> AaaS, FaaS and HaaS were never going to fly :) 

This is why we had SaaS / FaaS and HaaS (we avoided the AaaS acronym).

Unfortunately by mid-end 2007 this simple model of three layers had
degenerated into about 15 "aaS"es, mainly due to the appearance of Jedi
"thought leaders". 

Now, after  almost two years we're back to a simple three layer model -
Application / Platform / Infrastructure. Same concepts, just different

It wouldn't surprise me with all the interest, that we get another round
of "aaS" wars. I'd be very grateful if everyone could avoid changing
names or layers or imposing various dodgy geometries. 

>  Application fits with the OSI stack

Yes just no-one liked the acronym "AaaS"

> "Application Service Provider"

ASP is no different from SaaS - however, that's another discussion and
not for this forum.

> If we can find something which is generally acceptable (and get people
> to accept it) then our users are going to be less confused/scared
> about adopting cloud computing.

Agreed. This is why I argued that the one good thing the CCIF could do
is come up with a standard taxonomy - so far, it still hasn't :-(

> That mostly works for me,

That's good, but we need to encourage everyone to stick to the same
terminology and not go about creating new stuff.

> The fabric vs instance argument is bogus

Agreed, so let's keep it simple.

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