[occi-wg] Resource Types: Compute / Network / Storage

Chris Webb chris.webb at elastichosts.com
Sun Apr 19 03:40:16 CDT 2009

I've never liked the word 'server' which we (EH) expose in our public API
docs, so please don't feel any pressure from me to use this term. I'd prefer
something more general too. (I wrote the infrastructure layer of our system,
and consistently throughout the code they're called 'guests' instead, by
analogy with 'hosts' which actually run the virtual machines. Our
customer-facing api offers this as an alternative, but we felt it was a bit
too technical a word to use in the web interface.)

I'm happy with any reasonable choices here, except that to avoid an ugly
API, whatever set of words we pick should be single shortish words (not
multiple words, and preferably not abbreviations) of a grammatically
equivalent type: 

  compute, storage, networking

work, as do

  {computers,guests,instances,servers,machines}, {stores,drives}, networks

but mixing between the groups is less good---I can create 'a drive' or 'a
computer' but not 'a compute'. Whatever happens, we don't want to leave an
illiterate legacy like HTTP's ghastly 'Referer:' header!



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