[occi-wg] Nouns and Verbs

Lars Larsson larsson at cs.umu.se
Fri Apr 17 08:38:50 CDT 2009

On Fri, 17 Apr 2009, eprparadocs at gmail.com wrote:

> Richard,
> All the attributes you can give to a non-virtualized network should be
> available to the private virtualized network. For instance I might want
> to use DHCP to allocate addresses on a VM attached to it. Others might
> need a fixed IP address.

Indeed. However, I think that such matters can be easily solved 
if we maintain a strict "infrastructure provider" approach to 
the problem:

Keeping the analogy of renting physical infrastructure in mind, 
I think it is completely sufficient to expose operations in the 
API for defining network membership (which clearly sets up 
virtual networks between VMs) and static IP addresses or 
"acquire via DHCP" for the actual interfaces. This is like 
specifying which cables to connect to which interface, which is 
a pure infrastructure-related issue.

So, for instance:

   eth0 connected to "blue" network, static IP
   eth1 connected to "red" network, DHCP

   eth0 connected to "blue" network, DHCP

   eth0 connected to "red" network, static IP

Using this approach, if the customer wishes to use DHCP 
(including one that makes use of all the magic in dhcpd.conf), 
he/she should deploy a VM that acts as the DHCP server in one of 
the networks (e.g. VM1 may act as the DHCP server for the "blue" 
network, which will assign an address to VM2). A pure DHCP 
server VM would require very little resources, and would 
therefore be very cheap to deploy.

This keeps the interface small with few operations, while at the 
same time offers system administrators full flexibility in 
setting up their networks.

-- Lars

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