[occi-wg] Nouns and Verbs (was: Syntax of OCCI API)

Chris Webb chris.webb at elastichosts.com
Fri Apr 17 06:32:14 CDT 2009

"Edmonds, AndrewX" <andrewx.edmonds at intel.com> writes:

> e.g. stop (GRACEFUL) or stop(KILL)

We did this initially but moved to separate stop (nowadays our destroy) and
shutdown completely as they felt like conceptually different operations
happening at different layers of abstraction. Perhaps this is an
implementation distinction though.

> Well won't the result of a POST to server/create utilise HATEOAS or
> something similar? The result should contain information pertaining to the
> state of the resultant action.

My point was that one should be able to request the end state expected from
the create, and get an error if that's not possible, instead of a server in
an unexpected state. (Example: two servers sharing a disk. I boot the first,
and then create the second with the same disk specified, expecting it to be
created but not running, so I can gracefully shut down the other before
booting it. Alas I'm using Amazon, so my server is started automatically,
the disk is mounted by two VMs simultaneously, and the filesystem is
trashed. This stuff should be specified and deterministic to avoid gotchas.)



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