[occi-wg] Syntax of OCCI API

Randy Bias randyb at gogrid.com
Thu Apr 16 19:37:53 CDT 2009

So, I¹m totally on this page... Sort of.  I used UUIDs exclusively with
CloudScale.  But...

The only downside of UUIDs is they aren¹t people-friendly.  For example,
trying to remember or type in and verify a UUID by eye is very error-prone.
So if you were a sysadmin writing some bourne shell scripts to help with
automation or just using some command line tools, it¹s going to be painful.
You can imagine:

    clitool ­delete disk ­disk-id <some-really-long-uuid-string-is-here>
-server <another-really-long-uuid-string-is-here> ...

Another example would be listings of any kind.  If strewn with UUIDs they
are going to be super hard for people to parse visually.

I¹d prefer that folks use UUIDs internally, that we have the spec say
string(256) for most identifiers, and that providers can choose to use UUIDs
or something more friendly (e.g. the canonical AMI id: ami-abcd1234) as


On 4/16/09 6:12 AM, "Sam Johnston" <samj at samj.net> wrote:

>  I'm surprised I didn't get more abuse about using UUID4's but that's a no
> brainer when you understand the concurrency issues (and don't want to expose
> any secrets, particularly about the size of your operation).

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