[occi-wg] Semantics of OCCI API: nouns and verbs

Randy Bias randyb at gogrid.com
Thu Apr 16 16:10:12 CDT 2009

Playing catch up on this big thread today.  Trying selectively respond given
how much there is here to dig through.

Regarding this particular issue below (handling VM sizing requests) I also
vote for the provider kicking back an error for unsupported sizes rather
than Œrounding¹.  It will be easy enough for folks to have templates for
different providers or to provide some kind of optional templating within
the spec that providers can surface in a machine consumable way.


On 4/16/09 5:01 AM, "Sam Johnston" <samj at samj.net> wrote:

> If the provider has templates these should be advertised but ultimately it's
> up to the implementor to decide whether to reject a request for an unsupported
> configuration with an error or whether to satisfy it anyway with a larger
> device.

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