[occi-wg] Scheduling parameters

Andre Merzky andre at merzky.net
Tue Apr 14 07:09:03 CDT 2009

Quoting [Sam Johnston] (Apr 14 2009):
> I have spent a large chunk of my weekend
> [2] roughing up the API and rather than bundling everything in together
> have so far opted for a core + extensions approach. 
> ...
> [2] http://forge.ogf.org/sf/wiki/do/viewPage/projects.occi-wg/wiki/APIDesign

Minor comments:

  - I like the extension approach

  - do you intent to hook GLUE into the <Info> part in your
    XML example, or into similar places in the API?
    Optionally at least?
    <Info>4Gb, 2 CPU, 1 disk, 2 nic virtual machine</Info>

  - why the purl.org/occi namespace?  OGF has an established
    namespace for XML schemata,  see http://schemas.ogf.org/, 
    and GFD.84 on http://www.ogf.org/docs/?cp

A question about the machine control extension: I am not
overly familiar with the capabilities offerred by the
various discussed backends, but is a 'CLONE' operation
something which is being considered?  That would be
basically a CREATE op which refers to a running instance
instead of reffering to an image and instance description
(or whatever your CREATE needs as input).  How would that
map to your state machine?  As suspend/resume (for the time
a snapshot is taken)?  Similar for 'MIGRATE'...

Sorry if that question is off target...

Best, Andre.

Nothing is ever easy.

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