[Nsi-wg] Issue 23 in ogf-nsi-project: "NsiExceptionType" change to "serviceException"

ogf-nsi-project at googlecode.com ogf-nsi-project at googlecode.com
Mon Oct 17 05:57:22 CDT 2011

	Status: Accepted

Comment #5 on issue 23 by thost... at gmail.com: "NsiExceptionType" change  
to "serviceException"

This was originally a reference to the generic protocol _Document_ using  
the term "NsiExceptionType", where it should have been serviceException.

I'm okay, with the change in the WSDL, but that wasn't what the original  
issue was about. It seems, we are forgoing updates to the document, which  
isn't very good. Is there a person responsible for the protocol document?

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