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John MacAuley john.macauley at surfnet.nl
Tue Aug 16 09:01:25 CDT 2011

Originally I had the same concerns since I was implementing it as one SOAP endpoint, however, the argument for the separation is reasonable.  A few of implementations are physically separating the RA and PA functions into separate software modules.  In addition, there are cases where people my only implement the RA or PA functions.  Since the WSDL is an interface contact, it makes sense to expose only those messages supported by the SOAP endpoint.  If an RA was compiled with the complete message set there could be confusion with what is supported if someone is doing WSDL discovery.

For implementations like OpenDRAC that will implement both RA and PA I was going to also include the original service WSDL that contains both RA and PA definitions.  In the end I did not since I can easily build this by merging the two before compiling. 

You can do something similar and only expose a single SOAP endpoint if desired.


On 2011-08-16, at 4:42 AM, Henrik Thostrup Jensen wrote:

> Hi
> (Just got around to updating my WSDL yesterday to 0.09, and was a bit 
> puzzled over a change in 0.07)
> On Mon, 1 Aug 2011, John MacAuley wrote:
>> 22. Segmented service bindings into requestor and provider messages sets to help with code modularity and provided proper endpoint definition for RA and PA.  This required restructuring of the interface file as well, and moving of the portType definitions into the service bindings.
> Requester and provider are roles, not seperate implementations. An agent 
> can be a provider for one request and requester in another request. Having 
> different endpoints for these two just complicates matters. Now, I'm 
> fairly sure I can hack up my web service stack into having the methods for 
> the same endpoint/url, but this might not be a possibility for all stacks.
> Aside from that a most of the changes in 0.09 are quite nice :-)
>     Best regards, Henrik
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