[Nsi-wg] NSI new version of Network Services Framework ready for comment

Guy Roberts Guy.Roberts at dante.net
Tue Jul 13 03:44:28 CDT 2010

Hi Jeroen,

Thanks for taking the time to review version 0.6, this is helpful feedback.

See comments below.


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I've done a review of section 4. Mostly minor changes, I've corrected them with track changes. I also have some questions regarding section
4.2 and 4.3:

> Once the SDP capabilities are advertised, the SDP needs to be dynamically generated for an inter-network connection over the SDP to be instantiated.  

What does this mean?
The SDP is advertised, so why does it need to be generated? Or should it be updated?
What does that have to do with instantiation?
Or should that be allocation? (which is what is used in the next paragraph)

GR: Right, we need to get our terminology straight here - basically the idea is that the capabilities are advertised and then after pathfinding and/or scheduling the resource is instantiated. So I think that generated=instantiated=allocated.

Figure 11 and the example in the text should aligned. Right now they provide two different examples which is very confusing.

GR: Agreed

Section 4.3 describes the use of the inter-network topology in the description of connections. The transfer function matrix should be mentioned there, even if it is not used in the description of connections.

GR: Agreed.  We would appreciate some input from NML on what a TF matrix would look like, at the moment this is left undefined.


On 12/07/2010 19:06, Guy Roberts wrote:
> Hello All,
> The latest version of the Network Services Framework document (version 0.6) is available for download here:
> http://forge.gridforum.org/sf/go/doc16014?nav=1
> Guy
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