[Nsi-wg] comments on NS Framework 0.3

John Vollbrecht jrv at internet2.edu
Tue Jul 6 13:24:46 CDT 2010

Sorry not to get these sooner, but we have had a holiday and I have had trouble finding time to go through it.  I attach a copy with tracking on, that includes edits and comments.  In general I think it is getting better -  Some overall comments -

I think the format of the document is getting better and simpler.  The wording in most places is good, with some edits in the doc.  There are a few conceptual questionss that I have still --

1. We agreed to define network and network service.  I  don't see that, or at least not a clear definition.  Is that to be added?
2. I assume some stuff will be incorporated in the Connection Service Architecture -- is that still right?
3. The concept of STP as described is not consistent between sections.  I believe that we agreed that an STP is a point in a transport net which can be connected to another STP in the same net by an NSA.  I believe we agreed to use the INJ concept for the connection between STPs in different transport networks.  This seems to have reverted to the STP and INJ being the same thing, with no entity that describes the edge of a network at a physical (resource) level.



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