[Nsi-wg] minutes from today's NSI call

Guy Roberts Guy.Roberts at dante.net
Fri Jul 2 12:14:30 CDT 2010

Hello all,

As discussed in this week's NSI call, I have incorporated several updates to the NSI Network Services Framework document.  These can be found here http://forge.gridforum.org/sf/go/doc16015?nav=1.  This is now at version 0.3.

I am still waiting for contributions from Inder (updated error handling text and diagram) and Jerry (updated SD discussion) by the 6th July.

As usual I am welcome any comments from the group, the deadline for these is 15th July.


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Minutes from today's NSI call can be found here:


Please be aware of the following agreed deadlines for submission of this document:

The deadline for submissions of text to the Network Services Framework document is the 6th July.  These will then be incorporated and the document made available for comment.

The final deadline for NSI group comments will be the 15th July. These comments will be incorporated and the target date for submission as a draft informational document will be the 22nd July.

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