[Nml-wg] Session notes for NML

Freek Dijkstra Freek.Dijkstra at sara.nl
Tue Aug 16 08:58:54 CDT 2011

Jason Zurawski wrote:

>>>> * The ordered list on itself is not enclosed in it's own XML tag (like
>>>> <nml:list>), the elements are direct subelements of the parent
>>>> <relation>   tag.
>>> It was discussed to modify the existing UML diagram to allow multiple
>>> entities in a relationship in accordance with this topic.
> Someone, I believe it was Jeroen but I could be wrong, noted that the 
> UML diagrams only allowed a single item in a relationship.  Since many 
> of our latest examples and thoughts revolved around being able to relate 
> multiple items, I proposed that the UML diagram be altered to account 
> for this.

Ah, thanks!
Indeed that is true and has to be changed. Thanks for the reminder.


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