[NM-WG] NM-WG Mon October 15th, 1:30-3:00, meeting minutes

Franco Travostino franco.travostino at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 17:06:57 CDT 2007

perfSONAR Update (Jason Z.)

* "Implementing NM-WG recommendations": this is v2 Schemata which is
not yet captured in any GFD
* In turn, perfSONAR has a long list of partners and adopters
* PerfSONAR-PS targeted for University NOC deployments
* Topology efforts have "spawned" NML-WG activities
* Jason's time came up before he had a chance to finish his material

NM-WG Update (Mark L.)

* EGEE efforts
* UK projects: Gridmon
* no documentation for implementing NM-WG interface
* Code generation and validation call for simplified schemata. Is it
appropriate to "thin out" a schema for code-gen sake? There is a
balancing act between complexity and having multiple interoperable
* 6 open issues presented (see slides) ... They will be discussed in
the upcoming session

Geant2 E2E (Otto's slides presented by Richard)

* Up/down state and admin state monitored across 15 domains

Schema Overview (Martin)

* Martin explains that EventType can be used for operational state,
admin state, config data or perf data
* Standard way to report errors? It's not part of the data
representation schema. Rather, it's part of the protocol.

Discussion on the state of the documents to be kicked off in the next
NM-WG session.

Session ends with Richard's plug for PFLDnet 2008.

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