[NM-WG] Network Markup Language Working Group (NML-WG)

Martin Swany swany at cis.udel.edu
Sun Oct 14 18:43:25 CDT 2007

Hi all,

Sorry for the wide distribution.  We wanted to make you aware
(remind you in some cases) of the new working group called
the Network Markup Language WG (NML-WG.)  From the charter:

"The purpose of the Network Mark-up Language Working Group is to  
combine efforts of multiple projects to describe network topologies,  
so that the outcome is a standardised network description ontology  
and schema, facilitating interoperability between different projects."

The relationship of this group to the NM-WG is obvious as
network measurement are a key user of representations of
network topology.  For the GHPN, those interested in dynamic
Grid networks should be interested in the NML-WG as it
represents a basis for topology exchange and pathfinding.

Essentially, many groups have a need to represent network
elements, and we believe that a single representation is ideal.
That's a little misleading in that various levels of resolution
make sense at different times, but some of us have the sense
that a single representation framework can accomplish that.

For more details, to participate, or to throw fruit and tell us
the problem is solved/unsolvable/irrelevant or just plain
out of our feeble depth, please join us in Seattle at OGF21.

best regards,
Martin and Paola

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