[jsdl-wg] OGF 33 and next telephone conference Wednesday 14 September 2011 at 14h UTC

philipp.wieder at tu-dortmund.de philipp.wieder at tu-dortmund.de
Mon Sep 12 08:34:38 CDT 2011

Dear Etienne,

thank you for the offer to take care of the telephone conference. I very
much appreciate of you could start setting it up.

Regarding a shift from Monday to Tuesday I am not sure whether we should
switch. Maybe others would like to attend e.g. GRAAP on Tuesday and will
have conflicts in case we switch. Those who will come to Lyon, please
raise your voice and let us know your preferences.

Best regards, Philipp.

Am 12.09.11 12:06 schrieb "Etienne URBAH" unter <urbah at lal.in2p3.fr>:

>Concerning OGF JSDL, thank you very much for your mail :
>I am very interested to participate to the JSDL session at OGF 33 and to
>the next telephone conference on Wednesday 14 September 2011 at 14h UTC.
>I suggest every participant to read my 'GLUE 2 Attributes for Use in
>JSDL' at http://forge.gridforum.org/sf/go/doc16186
>Schedule of JSDL Session at OGF 33
>I have booked my trip to Lyon since long, and I will arrive in Lyon on
>Monday 19 September 2011 at about noon.
>Could you move the JSDL session on Monday afternoon or Tuesday ?
>JSDL telephone conference on Wednesday 14 September 2011 at 14h UTC
>-  I suggest to directly use EVO like last JSDL telephone conference.
>-  Otherwise, I can organize the telephone conference on the MCU of
>CC-IN2P3 Lyon at http://ccmcu40.in2p3.fr/
>In any case, if you would like that I organize the telephone conference
>(either directly with EVO or with the MCU of CC-IN2P3 Lyon), please
>inform me very soon so that I have the time to get 'organizer' rights on
>the facility, book the conference and train on the 'organizer' graphical
>Thank you in advance for a quick answer.
>Best regards.
>Etienne URBAH         LAL, Univ Paris-Sud, IN2P3/CNRS
>                       Bat 200   91898 ORSAY    France
>Tel: +33 1 64 46 84 87      Skype: etienne.urbah
>Mob: +33 6 22 30 53 27      mailto:urbah at lal.in2p3.fr
>On Sun, 11/09/2011 22:08, philipp.wieder at tu-dortmund.de wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> vacation time has passed and the next OGF is approaching. I would like
>> direct you attention to the following JSDL sessions:
>> - JSDL general session on Monday, September 19, 09:00 to 10:30.
>> - A combined PGI/BES/JSDL session on Wednesday, September 21 from 11:00
>> the whole day.
>> You find the complete schedule here [1].
>> I would like to prepare the sessions with a telephone conference next
>> week. I suggest we use the day/time we used before which is Wednesday,
>> September 14,
>> 14:00 UTC. It translates to:
>> Eastern Standard Time: 10:00
>> Japan Standard Time: 23:00
>> Central European Time: 16:00
>> Pacific Standard Time: 07:00
>> Since our telephone conferencing system only support German numbers I
>> would prefer if
>> someone else could host the telco. Who could do that?
>> Best regards, Philipp.
>> [1] http://ogf.org/gf/event_schedule/index.php?event_id=20

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