[jsdl-wg] First JSDL Telecon in 2011

Aleksandr Konstantinov aleksandr.konstantinov at fys.uio.no
Tue Jan 18 15:24:11 CST 2011


I would like to quitely participate in that telecon because I'm interested
in direction JSDL group is going to continue. If possible add me to 
conference call - skype id is aleksandr.konstantinov .



On Monday 17 January 2011, Mark Morgan wrote:
> Folks,
> We will have our first JSDL Telecon of 2011 this coming Wednesday from  
> 1500 UTC to 1600 UTC.  I will be using Glance to share my screen (use  
> a browser to go to uvacse.glance.net during the telecon.  As we have  
> always done in OGSA before, the code for the glance session will be  
> the two digit number for the month followed by the two digit number of  
> the day of the month (therefor, this coming Wednesday, the code will  
> be 0119).
> For voice, I would really like to use Skype if possible.  Its free,  
> its professional (well, we can pretend at least that it is) and it's  
> easy.  If everyone who intends to participate could please send me  
> your Skype ID (mine is mmm2a42) I'll be happy to add you to my list  
> and conference us all in together.  If you can't use skype, please let  
> me know and I'll try to figure something else out.
> Finally, as promised before, here is the agenda I would like to use  
> for this coming telecon:
> * Roll Call and Minutes
> * Approve last meetings minutes (I know we don't have a last meeting  
> so this is a place holder for the future)
> * Agenda Bashing (in general, I will ask (not require) that anyone who  
> wants to change the agenda please do so by email to me with at least  
> 24 hours notice on the actual meeting -- I'm a firm believer in  
> Brooks' Mythical Man Month when it comes to meetings)
> * JSDL Planning for 2011
> 	- What do we want to accomplish (I have a few ideas and I know that  
> PGI has some thoughts)
> 	- How are we going to get from here to there.
> 	- What procedure will be adopt for prioritizing work
> 	- Who plans on active participation (i.e., who is going to work on  
> JSDL items between telecons).
> * OGF 31 Discussion
> * Next Telecon Planning (Wednesday, 2 February 2011)
> * Action Item Review
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