[jsdl-wg] HPC Job Delegation Best Practices - Draft Document

Alexander Papaspyrou alexander.papaspyrou at tu-dortmund.de
Sun Mar 1 04:40:14 CST 2009


Philipp and I finally managed to compile the ideas that have been  
collected during the last months since OGF24 for the HPC Job  
Delegation Best Practices.

Although the document is still preliminary (especially the use cases  
part), it can serve as a basis for further discussion on the topic.  
Major aspects since last OGF are the following:

- Cleanup and restructuring:
The last part of the document has been streamlined towards a  
"discussion of gaps" part and a "recommendation" part. While  
discussion of gaps is -- excluding GRAAP -- pretty complete, the whole  
recommendation part is still missing and needs to be done during the  
upcoming week, partly depending on further discussion in the GSA  
session on Wednesday.

- OGSA-RSS incorporation:
After some discussion with Oliver regarding the possibility of using  
dynamic WS-Agreement Factory sessions and resulting performance  
issues, we decided to propose a different approach to the offering of  
jobs to the delegatee scheduler. This protocol heavily borrows ideas  
from the OGSA-RSS Candidate Set Generator and Basic Execution Planning  
Service, but swaps the input/output parameters: while CSG and BEPS  
deliver resources that match a job specification, our requirement is  
to deliver job specifications matching certain resource constraints  
(i.e. those which can be fulfilled by the delegatee scheduler). We  
preliminarily named the corresponding thing "Delegation Candidate  
Service", pending concrete specification.

- Mentioning of the (still BoFing) Activity Instance Schema
Although in JSDL-WG everyone agrees that the Activity Instance Schema  
is an important thing, there is no "official" statement up to now if  
(and how) specification towards a recommendation will proceed.  
However, we felt that AI has reached a status where we can use it  
within GSA-RG in order to bridge the gap of missing status information  
before submission to a BES container. The problem domain is therefore  
discussed in detail in the document, pointing to AI already.

I attached the current document draft to this message. Flaming is  
welcome, I have my fireproof underwear with me. If you decide to make  
modifications, please remember to enable change tracking in Word.


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ps. Apologies for duplicate posts.
Alexander Papaspyrou
alexander.papaspyrou at tu-dortmund.de

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