[INFOD-WG] Minutes - INFOD conference call, Thursday, December 6 2007

Dieter Gawlick dieter.gawlick at oracle.com
Mon Dec 10 16:19:06 CST 2007

Minutes from the INFOD conference call on Thursday, December 6 2007 @ 8 
am PDT:

Participants: Akos, Dieter, Raghul and Steve

Apologies: Akos


    * *Report about UTK, Vanderbilt activities*
          o Raghul and Aravind are working on the security issues. While
            authentication is done by external facilities, the
            authorization should be integrated with information in the
          o Raghul is adding temporal and spatial constraints to XQueries
          o Raghul and Arjun are starting to define an incident vocabulary
    * *Action items*:
          o For the latest status please check /INFOD Current Actions/
            in the /Current Drafts/ folder
    * *OGF 22*
          o There will be one session informing the community about the
            work and the progress of the INFOD group
          o There will be a two day F2F meeting at the Oracle facilities
            in Burlington, Ma.  The preferred meetings days are
            Wednesday, February 27 2008 and Thursday, February 28 2008.
            If Wednesday or Thursday do not work due to scheduling
            conflicts the Friday, February 29 2008 will be the second
            meeting day.

    * *Miscellaneous item*
          o The discussion focused on the specification of constraints*
    * *Extended specifications*
          o INFOD does not specify operations such as start and stop.
            While this is OK for entries, this may not work for
            subscriptions. *

The next conference call is scheduled for Thursday, December 12 2007 @ 8 
am PDT.


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