[GRAAP-WG] minutes from Sep 27 telecon

t-nakata at cw.jp.nec.com t-nakata at cw.jp.nec.com
Wed Oct 11 06:03:49 CDT 2006

Hi Again:
>Sorry for the delay but here it is at last.

Please use this one which fixes some bugs.

Sorry for the confusion:
best Regards

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> >  > - Toshi can work on a change summary by extracting from  the slides
he did at previous GGFs.
> >

Sorry for the delay but here it is at last.
(Took quite a bit of time to trace things. My memory being as bad as it is

Please note that this is not the final one as I would like to check several 
things during the telecon.
Best Regards
NEC 中央研究所 主席技術主幹
中田 登志之
Toshiyuki Nakata
Executive Chief Engineer
Central Research Laboratories 
NEC Corporation
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