[glue-wg] Question about the way of specifying relationships

David Horat david.horat at cern.ch
Fri Mar 27 03:58:40 CDT 2009

In the GLUE Specification v. 2.0, in the association end list, relations are
always specified with the attribute they have to link with. (E.g.

This is not correct because of several reasons:
- In the Entity-Relationship models, you just specify relationship between
entities/classes/objects, without any knowledge of each of the attributes in
- To know which attribute you want to link with from the related object, you
should have to take a look of its definition to get the key fields.
- The key fields could be more than one. Sometimes the key of an entity is a
combination of several fields, so the current way of visualizing relations
will be broken.

I suggest just taking out every attribute in all the Association End list to
comply on how to use this kind of diagrams, to avoid problems in the future
with multiple key fields.


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