[glue-wg] Example BDII

Burke, S (Stephen) stephen.burke at stfc.ac.uk
Tue Jun 9 11:03:09 CDT 2009

glue-wg-bounces at ogf.org 
> [mailto:glue-wg-bounces at ogf.org] On Behalf Of Laurence Field said:
> I have set up a BDII on the machine glue-bdii.cern.ch with 
> the examples 
> from subversion.
> ldapsearch -x -h glue-bdii.cern.ch -p 2170 -b o=glue
> Please can some confirm that this machine is reachable from 
> outsite CERN.

OK, it works now. A few random comments ...

o=glue rather than o=GLUE?

I'd still like to know where UserDomain would go ...

The objects are missing objectclass=Entity and the corresponding

The StorageService is missing most of its objects, and is typed as
Service and not StorageService. I guess you're still building it?

I'm not looking in much detail yet as I assume this is still a work in
progress - I think we should end up with something that has an example
of each object type and all attributes defined?


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