[glue-wg] intros for 7.1 through 7.5

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Tue Feb 3 09:30:54 CST 2009

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> For example, a dCache instance might have a fixed gsidcap or gsiftp
> server for legacy clients that cannot deal with the SRM.
> I suppose we discussed this before the public comment phase,
> but I do not recall the outcome, so I went with the content of
> the "pc_r2" draft currently published on the GLUE web site:
> the access protocol would have to be published as an Interface.

Yes, I think it's published as a StorageEndpoint with the protocol type
as the InterfaceName, if that's what you mean. (Potentially you could
have more than one, e.g. several gridftp servers.)

> 7.4 StorageEndpoint
> A StorageEndpoint represents a service that can be contacted by
> clients to manage StorageShares and to store or retrieve data.

Hmm ... this reminds me of something I think I've asked before. Do you
use StorageEndpoint to publish *any* endpoint for a storage service, or
just the specifically storage-related things? For example, say you had a
monitoring service running on an SE - Nagios for example - and you
wanted to publish the endpoint for that. Would you publish it as a
StorageEndpoint or an Endpoint?

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