[glue-wg] v1.3 documentation, please!

Balazs Konya balazs.konya at hep.lu.se
Mon May 19 04:24:07 CDT 2008

dear all,

Paul Millar wrote:
> OK, fair enough, but I'd mark this one down as "inherited debt":  someone 
> should be "maintaining" (in the ISO meaning of the word) the GLUE v1.3 
> standard since it's in active use.  Perhaps this should be the OGF GLUE WG?
> Besides, many of the people in GLUE WG are among the authors of the GLUE v1.3 
> specification and adding a wiki page isn't such an onerous task.

I agree with Paul that the OGF Glue WG should take care of the v1.3 of 
glue as well, at least on the collecting/maintaining the documentation 

I suggest that once we pushed the v2.0 into public comment we dedicate 
some time cleaning up the v1.3 documentation and moving everything to 
the gridforge.

I hope by that time gridforge will recover.

> Yes, indeed.  To my mind there are four layers that should be documentation:
>   a. GLUE,
>   b. GLUE/LDAP binding,
>   c. EGEE/(W)LCG's usage of GLUE,
>   d. how to get information into GIP.

agree, the above bits & pieces are essential information.
btw, one of the main problem with glue 1.x was that the ldap part never 
really defined the DIT, that was only "encoded in implementations".

In 2.0 we try to avoid it and that is why we'll have the proper data 
model rendering documents for xml, ldap, relational db.


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