[glue-wg] v1.3 documentation, please!

Laurence Field Laurence.Field at cern.ch
Thu May 8 09:29:56 CDT 2008

Hi Paul,

> A very minor technical point: the MIME type looks like it's chosen to force a 
> download ("application/force-download"); is it possible to use the correct 
> MIME type instead?  I think all modern web-browsers support a "save as" 
> option in their link-context menus.

> Are these schema files identical to the ones at the CNAF SVN repository?
They should be. But by defacto for EGEE the ones in the glite repository 
are authoritative as they are the ones that are deployed.

> Is it better to email grid-support at cern.ch, fire off a GGUS ticket or do both 
> (mentioning the GGUS ticket in the email)?

It depends on the question. If it is a deployment issue then GGUS. If it 
is more of a question then you will get a better response from 
information support list.  The most effective way is to either email me 
directly or phone me :)



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