[glue-wg] v1.3 documentation, please!

Paul Millar paul.millar at desy.de
Thu May 8 07:46:21 CDT 2008

Hi Maarten, others,

On Tuesday 06 May 2008 23:37:30 Maarten.Litmaath at cern.ch wrote:
> > I could also find no authoritative source of information on Glue/LDAP
> Might this be a start:
>     http://jra1mw.cvs.cern.ch:8180/cgi-bin/jra1mw.cgi/glue-schema/

Thanks, it's a good start (although not really "enough").

> > The CNAF notes also mention that certain attributes are "deprecated and
> > their use should be removed from any software".  Does this mean
> > info-provides "must" (or "should", or "may", see RFC 2119) refrain from
> > publishing deprecated attributes?  For example, should no info-provider
> > be publishing GlueChunkKey anymore?
> That cannot be right!  The GlueVOInfo object needs GlueChunkKey attributes
> to allow it to be linked to both the SE and the SA to which it refers!

OK, do we know who has write access for that wiki? Could someone take on 
responsibility to either update or delete that page?

> > resource" (as a primary document, for feeding into GIP) is what seems to
> > work.
> Yes, it should be "mds-vo-name=resource" now.  I have fixed the page.

(which page did you correct?)

> > [4]	https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LCG/GSSDGLUEProposal
> >
> > Finally, (prodding Laurence) I could not find *any* statement about what
> > format GIP supports as primary input (although I might have missed
> > this. [...] 
> A site BDII queries site resources that have "mds-vo-name=resource" (BDII)
> or "mds-vo-name=local" (MDS GRIS), and substitutes "resource" or "local"
> with the site name.  A top-level BDII _inserts_ "mds-vo-name=local" right
> before "o=grid" for various reasons.  That is another matter to improve.

Ta for the info.  (Could this be documented, perhaps in a wiki?)



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