[glue-wg] v1.3 documentation, please!

Laurence Field Laurence.Field at cern.ch
Thu May 8 03:16:30 CDT 2008

Hi Paul,

It think that the issue you are facing is who is authoritative depends 
on your perspective. The Glue schema document is authoritative on the 
information model. but the projects are authoritative on their 

Although the Glue document can be found on Sergios web page, I prefer to 
take the one in the OGF repository.


For the LDAP schema it is these files in the SVN repository.


However, within EGEE the files used are found in the following CVS 
directory which is a copy of the SVN one.


Within EGEE the LDAP model is used for the information and the 
information system itself. For more details on the information system 
please visit this page.


For how Glue is used in EGEE you can take a look at this page.


If you are packaging a service for use within EGEE, you can find more 
information about adding a resource BDII here.


Within EGEE the Generic Information Provider should be used to publish 
information. This aims to minimize the work required by the use of 
templates so only the dynamic values need to be found.

The glue templates can be found here and should be used to either create 
LDIF use this LDIF as a guide.


All of the above information is linked from the information system 
section in this page.


If you have any more questions related to the implementation within EGEE 
you should contact is-grid-support at cern.ch


> I can't find any good references for how to provide 
> this information. 

>  I've started a dCache wiki page[1] that holds various 
> nuggets of information, but none of them seem complete or authoritative.
> [1]	http://trac.dcache.org/trac.cgi/wiki/GLUE
> I understand that the current dCache system, is functional through Owen's 
> sterling effort, with various trial-and-error attempts and information 
> conveyed through emails.  I'm looking to avoid this process as much as 
> possible; having accurate information would be a good start!
> First off, the only GLUE v1.3 documentation I could find is from CNAF CVS [2].  
> The most recent version is "Draft 3---16 Jan 2007".  I think Sergio was going 
> to make this the final version, but could this process be clarified?  BTW, 
> there's a typo in the StorageArea, UsedNearlineSize description; there are 
> other sections that look somewhat incomplete (e.g., grep for "TO BE ADDED")
> [2]	
> https://forge.cnaf.infn.it/plugins/scmsvn/viewcvs.php/*checkout*/v_1_3/spec/pdf/GLUESchema.pdf?rev=32&root=glueschema
> Second, I could also find no authoritative source of information on Glue/LDAP 
> binding for v1.3.  There are some CNAF notes[3], but these mention, in bold, 
> that "[t]his version is for early evaluation and is not meant to be deployed 
> yet".  Can someone say what is incorrect on this page?  More importantly, can 
> someone update it so the page is correct?
> [3]	http://glueschema.forge.cnaf.infn.it/SpecV13/LDAP
> The CNAF notes also mention that certain attributes are "deprecated and their 
> use should be removed from any software".  Does this mean 
> info-provides "must" (or "should", or "may", see RFC 2119) refrain from 
> publishing deprecated attributes?  For example, should no info-provider be 
> publishing GlueChunkKey anymore?
> For publishing SRM spaces, I found a *proposal* for how this should be 
> done[4].  Confusingly, this contradicts the GLUE/LDAP notes[3] as it 
> stipulates that "mds-vo-name = local" must be used, whereas the notes state 
> that mds-vo-name has been removed from the DIT; in practise "mds-vo-name = 
> resource" (as a primary document, for feeding into GIP) is what seems to 
> work.
> [4]	https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LCG/GSSDGLUEProposal
> Finally, (prodding Laurence) I could not find *any* statement about what 
> format GIP supports as primary input (although I might have missed this).  
> I'd assume this is roughly GLUE v1.3/LDAP, but apparently there's some magic 
> happens with DNs with RDF of "mds-vo-name=resource".  Is this (still) true?  
> Is it required? What other mappings and translations are possible?
> Sorry, I'm sure this info is well known by others, but it doesn't appear to be 
> documented.  Can some knowledgable person take on responsibility for ensuring 
> this is all properly documented?
> Cheers,
> Paul.
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