[glue-wg] v1.3 documentation, please!

Maarten.Litmaath at cern.ch Maarten.Litmaath at cern.ch
Wed May 7 12:39:19 CDT 2008

On Wed, 7 May 2008, Burke, S (Stephen) wrote:

> [...] MDS itself is now completely gone.

In gLite 3.1.  There are still quite a few 3.0 services out there.

>   As for the proposal, it suggests that all space tokens of a given type
> should be merged into a single SA, but personally I still think that we
> should publish one SA per token - this is e.g. how Jens' castor provider
> works and I find it extremely useful to keep track of free and used
> space. However, we should discuss this more offline as this is not an
> OGF/Glue 2 issue.

I believe everyone agrees with that now.  At the time there were
reservations from various developers, so we cooked up a compromise.

> > Finally, (prodding Laurence) I could not find *any* statement 
> > about what 
> > format GIP supports as primary input (although I might have 
> > missed this).  
> > I'd assume this is roughly GLUE v1.3/LDAP,
> Well, it's LDIF conforming to the 1.3 schema, basically what you get
> from ldapsearch. As above, info providers need to publish their objects
> with DNs ending "mds-vo-name=resource,o=grid". It may also be worth
> pointing out that you can publish in two different ways: info providers
> publish entire objects, whereas gip plugins just publish the changes
> relative to a static file created by YAIM. [...]

And relative to the provider output.

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