[gin-ops] New VOMS Server certificate

Oscar Koeroo okoeroo at nikhef.nl
Thu Dec 7 09:47:41 CST 2006

Hi all,

So for those who verify the VOMS Attributes in the VOMS enabled proxy 
certificates on a service I apologize for my late notification. Most 
unfortunately I've missed the first warning of the NIKHEF CA stating 
that my host certificate of the kuiken.nikhef.nl server is about to 
expire in one month. Luckily there is a second warning message giving me 
just enough time to perform the certificate request.

So download the certificate here:

Check if the downloaded certificate has not been spoofed using this 
testscript which builds around the openssl commands:

Tomorrow (Friday December 8th) I'll upgrade the VOMS Server to be using 
the new certificate. Until that time you can simultaneously install both 
certificates on your machine(s).

The old certificate will last until Dec 9th 18:25:27 2006 GMT

    Oscar "your VO-Admin" Koeroo
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