[DRMAA-WG] Introducing Eclipse Science WG and OGF & DRMAA WG

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Wed Jul 6 05:51:59 EDT 2016

Dear all,

As scientific software and HPC often go together in the work we do, it 
might be good to get some interactions going between two specialized 
working groups in these domains :

*Eclipse Science WG : *http://science.eclipse.org/ and 

    "The Science Working Group (SWG) works to solve the problems of
    making science programs inter-operable and interchangeable by
    defining standards, common principles, and software development
    collaboration. It helps permeate concepts and capabilities to
    different research areas which allows serendipitous discoveries to
    be made.

    The SWG, hosted by the Eclipse Foundation, is a collaborative effort
    involving industry, academia, and government to develop reusable
    open source software for scientific research. The SWG provides
    governance and infrastructure to enable a collaborative approach to
    producing technologies used for interdisciplinary analysis of
    scientific data. The group may package components to regularly
    release a trusted distribution of software."


*Open Grid Forum and the DRMAA WG in particular : *https://www.ogf.org 
and https://www.drmaa.org

    "*OGF* is an open global community committed to driving the rapid
    evolution and adoption of modern advanced applied distributed
    computing, including cloud, grid and associated storage, networking
    and workflow methods. OGF is focused on developing and promoting
    innovative scalable techniques, applications and infrastructures to
    improve productivity in the enterprise and within the international
    research, science and business communities. "

    "The 'Distributed Resource Management Application API (*DRMAA*)'
    working group develops and maintains a set of API specifications for
    tightly coupled and portable programmatic access to cluster, grid,
    and cloud systems.
    The DRMAA working group deliverables are intended to facilitate the
    development of portable application programs and high-level
    libraries such as SAGA or OGSA-BES.
    DRM system vendors can provide a standardized access to their
    product through a DRMAA implementation. High-level API designers,
    meta-scheduler architects and end users can rely on such DRMAA
    implementations for a unified access to execution resources.
    The scope of the API standardization is focused on job submission,
    job control, reservation management, and retrieval of job and
    machine monitoring information. "

FYI, Triquetrum will be providing a first set of reusable OSGi-bundles 
for Java DRMAA API and bindings with our Science 2016 release.
The goal is to make them directly reusable in other Java/OSGi science 
projects that might want to submit jobs on clusters/grids/...
(i.e. also for those of us who don't want to do everything via workflows 
;-) )



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