[DRMAA-WG] DRMAA Java binding : package naming

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Wed Jul 6 04:31:03 EDT 2016


I have a GO from the Eclipse group to provide the DRMAA Java API(s) as 
part of our Triquetrum project [1], i.e. in the shape of OSGi [2] bundles.
This would allow an easy integration from e.g. Eclipse applications (or 
other OSGi-based solutions) with DRMs via DRMAA, which is a real need 
for e.g. the Eclipse Science WG [3].

There was a remark though about the advised package name, as defined in 
https://redmine.ogf.org/documents/11 i.e. : org.*ggf*.drmaa

It seems the ggf.org domain is no longer registered for the "Global Grid 
And so there might be a risk about ownership/trademarks/... in the 
future if GGF gets registered by someone else? (all kinds of legal 
things I don't understand well myself).

So I have following questions :

1. Is it an option to change the expected Java package name to e.g. 
org.*ogf*.drmaa ?
Potentially e.g. for DRMAA v2 as it would seem that there are no known 
Java binding implementations yet?
(and then we live with the temporary risk for DRMAA v1 until everyone 
has switched to v2)

2. Is the OGF or DRMAA group able to have a long-term "claim" on the 
namespace *org.ggf* somehow?

3. Or is this simply not considered a risk/issue in your community and 
is your advice to just go ahead with org.ggf.drmaa?

Thanks and regards,


[1] https://projects.eclipse.org/projects/technology.triquetrum
[2] https://www.osgi.org/
[3]  http://science.eclipse.org/

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