[DRMAA-WG] OGF35 Wrap-Up

Peter Tröger peter at troeger.eu
Tue Jun 19 13:19:07 EDT 2012

Dear all,

we had a small but productive meeting at OGF35. Beside the further 
discussion about OCCI-DRMAA, we analyzed the DRMAAv2 C binding comments 
collected so far:

- We support the proposal by Daniel to introduce an overall 
drmaa2_string type, instead of using the native char* in the binding. 
The intended semantic is to use drmaa2_string whenever the application 
is supposed to clean up such variable. This can be done by calling 
drmaa2_string_free() or the free function of the surrounding structure 
(e.g. with job templates), depending on the context. This freeing demand 
must be  documented in the spec. It should further be clarified that 
drmaa2_string_list will return drmaa2_string items in the get() operation.

- The pointer-nullification-on-free issue, which would lead to a 
complete shift to double-indirected pointer parameters, has to be 
decided in a voting.

- We agree to the proposal of Stephan Klauck for introducing additional 
interface handle free functions. This leads to a rejection of the "_h" 
suffix proposal.

- There was no clear consensus about the MACOSX issue raised by Rayson 
Ho, so this must be decided in the voting procedure. We obviousely 
agreed to the TRU64 issue also raised by him. Both things will change 
the root spec.

- We agree to the 64bit processor architecture issue raised by Rayson. 
The current proposal is to add 64Bit variations for all identified ISAs. 
A voting is needed on the latter idea. This will again change the root spec.

- We support the proposal by Stephan Klauck to have an UNSET definition 
for JobInfo instance.

- We support the idea of Rayson Ho to rename DATA_SEG_SIZE to DATA_SIZE. 
This will change the root spec.

- We agree to the comment from Stephan Klauck that the Job::wait... 
functions should return void. This will change the root spec.

The list of resulting open root spec issues (there are more) was 
approved by the participating group members. We further agreed on 
submitting the root specification errata and the finalized C binding 
spec together after the end of the public comment period. Meanwhile, 
please check the root specification issues here:


Best regards,

P.S.: If you want to know details about the OCCI-DRMAA progress, just 
let me know.

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